About us

We are a small group of guitarists who happen to also be electrical engineers, an amp technician and programmer located in the Midlands UK, dedicated to quality workmanship and take huge pride in our work and customer service - currently we operate not for huge profit, but to establish our name and reputation.

Hopefully our prices reflect this, they only just cover our materials, import costs, equipment, chemicals & fuel to the post office. Every single surplus penny earned gets ploughed into the purchase of equipment and test pedals/pickups/leads for us to develop new mods on. However our customers are quick to point out that the quality of our work is second to none! Many mods are fine tuned with the help of professional musicians to meet their needs, and ensure they sound great at stage performance volumes.

Because we want the Holy Grail of tone also!


Our research and development guys have been busy beavering away in one dark corner of our workshop for the past couple of months developing a true bypass system that can be dropped into most Ibanez/Dunlop and some Boss pedals (others manufacturers & models still to be determined). Finally the fumes have cleared and the end result is a small circuit approx 35mm x 25mm, that requires very little power to operate, that will actuate true bypass and LED indicator via a miniature relay.

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Boss SD-1

This pedal has many fans, but its a classic pedal with several faults. When used with many guitar and amp combinations it can sound a little thin, the gain doesn't stand out in the mix too well and can start to sound muddy. It also has a problem with its bypass (effect off) circuit, in that the gain can be heard bleeding through into the bypassed clean signal.

There are several mods for the SD-1 out there, some better than others but most of them are not actually thought out that well leaving the owners less than satisfied with very poor note decay.

Our SD-1 mod has been developed over the past 10 years, we've slowly tweaked the pedal to fatten it up slightly without taking it too far away from its original character, the gain is increased and voicing is now selectable via an ultra miniature toggle switch - so you can have the symmetrical smooth and compressed gain, or flick the switch for asymmetrical 'organic' crunch with a slight volume boost. The switch also has an optional 3rd (middle) position, this is a diode lift position which produces a huge volume boost with a very open crunch, so is not suitable for all applications.

Finally we offer a permanent and robust fix for the 'bleed' problem mentioned above, this method does not have any impact on the pedal tone and does not require any significant separate circuitry.

Shown with optional red Davies knobs.

Quick review submitted by guitarist James Bainbridge

A review of the Pedalmods UK SD-1 mod (June 2011):

Using an Ibanez RG1570 with stock pickups (apart from a DiMarzio MegaDrive in the bridge), into a Peavey Valve King Royal 8 with stock speaker and valves. Effect chain consists of RMC Wizard Wah, Korg DT-10, Electro-Harmonix Small Stone, the SD-1, Boss BF-2, Ernie Ball volume and Boss DD-3 (Japanese version with the ‘big chip’)

Normally I prefer to set the amp with the gain all the way up, which produces a nice crunch that responds nicely to pedals and cleans up very well with the volume knob, but for the purpose of this review I set it completely clean. The only other thing that I feel I ought to add is that I really loved the SD-1 prior to modification. I was perfectly happy using it as it was (and had done for around 5 years). The main gripe I had was the hiss that it generated.

However, to say that I was floored by the results would be somewhat of an understatement. This mod truly is everything that I ever liked about the SD-1, but somehow improved, with nothing I didn’t. Indeed, the first thing I noticed about the pedal after receiving it was the slightly disconcerting lack of noise. It is impressively quiet, even on high gain settings. Even more perturbing was the strange experience of actually being able to turn the tone control above 12:00 without sounding like an amplified tin can; indeed the range is tremendously usable, from mellow at 0 to cutting treble at full

Selecting the bottom setting on the switch (which sounds most like the stock SD-1) with the level all the way up, the gain at 9:00 and the tone between 8:00 and 10:00 (my favourite setting on the stock SD-1) produced the same familiar sound. I was pleased to be able to hear an increase in clarity however, and the sound overall is simply fuller. With the more usable tone control, added bite can easily be dialled in, which is great for cutting through the mix.

The middle ‘boost’ setting [editor: optional] is very loud and bold, with a hefty top end bite and huge low end punch. At high gain settings it gets pleasingly fuzzy, but when ‘tamed’ with the gain at 0, it works very well as a boost. My favourite setting however is with the gain at 9:00, which makes my little amp sound very gritty. It really works well with the single coil settings on my guitar, which makes for a raw, cutting sound. It also responds very well to the guitar volume, which can yield a good range of ‘breakup’ tones.

The top setting however was the one that most impressed me. I noticed initially the increase in volume, but the more ‘focussed’ sound is clearly audible. Clarity is still maintained, however. This setting, having a tight bottom end, works brilliantly for hard rock chugging, but what I immediately noticed is that it produces the perfect solo boost. That is, it is exactly what I want my SD-1 to be when I come to play a solo: Quite a bit louder, as well as bigger and a bit punchier sounding. I have had a lot of fun wailing away on this one, and I’m now seriously considering adding a second one to my guitar shopping list for this very purpose!!

My pedal also has the bleed fix mod. I couldn’t honestly tell you that I could definitely hear the bleed-through with the stock pedal before I learned that it could be fixed, but I could definitely hear an improvement in my dry signal when I plugged it in. I think that says it all, really!

Overall, I was, and am, delighted with the Pedalmods UK SD-1 mod, and for the price, I don’t think it can be beat. If you have an SD-1, this mod comes highly recommended, and if you’re looking for a great sounding overdrive, this mod also comes highly recommended. The collective cost of a new pedal and this mod will leave you richer than many other available options, and I’m confident that it would hold its own, even with much more expensive contenders!