About us

We are a small group of guitarists who happen to also be electrical engineers, an amp technician and programmer located in the Midlands UK, dedicated to quality workmanship and take huge pride in our work and customer service - currently we operate not for huge profit, but to establish our name and reputation.

Hopefully our prices reflect this, they only just cover our materials, import costs, equipment, chemicals & fuel to the post office. Every single surplus penny earned gets ploughed into the purchase of equipment and test pedals/pickups/leads for us to develop new mods on. However our customers are quick to point out that the quality of our work is second to none! Many mods are fine tuned with the help of professional musicians to meet their needs, and ensure they sound great at stage performance volumes.

Because we want the Holy Grail of tone also!


Our research and development guys have been busy beavering away in one dark corner of our workshop for the past couple of months developing a true bypass system that can be dropped into most Ibanez/Dunlop and some Boss pedals (others manufacturers & models still to be determined). Finally the fumes have cleared and the end result is a small circuit approx 35mm x 25mm, that requires very little power to operate, that will actuate true bypass and LED indicator via a miniature relay.

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Boss CE-2

This pedal now has legendry classic stomp box status, however the legend seems to be fabricated from the depths of internet forums (Usually by people looking to flog theirs for an extortionate price), and the unsuspecting new owner of a CE-2 can often feel a little let down once the honeymoon is over. The biggest problem is that regardless of whether the CE-2 was made in Japan or Taiwan, the effect can sound a little bit too subtle.

As such we devised this mod to bring out the chorus effect from the little box, its now richer and more audible, but essentially its still got that CE-2 magic. We've reduced the noise that these pedals can generate using the absolute best audio grade components to upgrade key components - including the opamp - in the signal path. In addition, the chorus effect can now be sped up, but don't worry, we've just increased the overall range of the speed knob, you can still dial in that same slow watery sweep. Many CE-2's are now in need of a refurbishment, critical components are reaching the end of their life, we replace these as a matter of course during the mod, however can offer this service to CE2 owners who don't want a mod, just a refresh.